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Fix up, look sharp.

Not feeling too well at the moment. Should have drank less and slept more last night. I just tried to cook rice and it burnt the pan and I had to resort to cereal for lunch. It's Friday and I have no plans for the evening which is sort of sad. The problem is, so few people in the world realize how fucking fun I am. I'm fun, I really am! I mean, at least I try hard to be fun and to have fun and goddamnit why doesn't a larger percentage of the world know that? Soon I'm going to have friends and when they realize how fun I am, hot dang, it is gonna be a party. Perhaps I'll go see a movie by myself tonight or go shopping or something. Now that the convention is over traffic will suck less and cops won't always be telling me to go away. I'm interested in that movie "Outfoxed" and I think it's playing down the street. We'll see.

Scott is in Europe for two weeks and I wish he was here instead because I miss his stomach and the smell of his hair and how small my feet look next to his. Boo hoo.

I want to see "Garden State" again. I've already seen it twice but it is just such a good movie. If I saw Zach Braff walking around somewhere I'd stop him, kneel down and worship him for about ten minutes. I think he's just swell.
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