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I would really enjoy Tres Tacos right now.

It's nighttime in New York and all of the little animals are peacefully asleep. Well my roommates are at least. We've all had very exhausting weekends, it's time to rest. Unfortunately, I've had an exhausting week. It seems like everything is changing. Saying goodbye and hello and learning my limits and trying to let go and going out and staying in and trying new things....it's all good, but it's tiring. Maybe the happy routine of school will bring me back to life.

I spent the whole day inside. Never got out of my jammies. No one in the apartment did, in fact. Instead we lounged on the new futon, ate what we could find and read our books. We were all too tired, too hungover, entirely unmotivated to go out into the world. It's kind of fun to do that sometimes.

I look forward to going home on Wednesday, (I do not, however, look forward the the long flight that I have to take right after my last class). It will give me a rest from the crazy life I have built myself. I want Baja Fresh and my own space and tv shows I miss and time with people I care about. Although, much to my own dismay (for what am I if not a lone wolf?), I care about the people here too. It's a wonderful thing when you realize how many people you care about, and how many care about you too.

Time for me to go torture myself in the laundry room again. I'm trying to get laundry done at 10:30pm. Who am I kidding?
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