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Tonight's entry, part III

If it can even be believed, this is the third entry I have written tonight. The first two were, much to my dismay, inexplicably deleted...I don't even know why I'm going to bother trying again as this one will probably be deleted as well...something that could potentially break my soul because it would be so traumatic. I was reasonably pleased with the first version, really happy with the second and pretty pissed off at this one so far because it's not nearly has interesting as the first two. The very first was about how lazy I have become since the end of school and work, the second was how the loss of the first was as irrationally irritating as losing a sock that could easily be replaced and now this one is just me trying to get SOMETHING posted here so I can sleep soundly tonight. I'll try to pretend like I haven't written out this story twice before: So today, in an effort to be lazier than ever before, I woke up at 12:30, watched VH1 for way too long and then went out with Scott where we spent far too much time and energy trying to locate The Awful Truth (the show hosted by Michael Moore pre-Columbine and Fahrenheit) on DVD. And even though it was a total waste of time because no one but those bastards at Barnes & Noble who try to charge you way too much for DVDs and CDs when you can get them at Best Buy for like fucking half the price those stupid stupid pieces of crap!- even so, it was fun because I was with him, the boy I love, and we were being lazy and silly and there's nothing better than that.

With that I'm so going to bed because I can't handle this damn Live Journal anymore- it's making me crazy.
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