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Ryan Adams is right, love is hell...unless you're a Sim.

So it's almost my birthday and I'm leaving soon and I feel completely unprepared for anything and crap, I want to be happy. Also it doesn't help that it's Friday night and I'm not feeling like it should be bedtime but aparently it is because here I am, on my bed, in my jammies listening to the crickets and a BART train every now and again. I guess my birthday shouldn't make me sad but it's the last time I'll see anyone, inlcuding my family. It's all so strange...I mean in 20 years I'll only ever remember graduation, FIDM (but only in a hazy, unimportant sort of way), getting accepted to Parsons and woooosh! moving to New York. I won't remember the year of anxiety and craziness and depression and therapy and unpleasantness in between. Which, I suppose, isn't really bad. I guess it's just that I want all of this built up anticipation about the situation to give way to all of the good stuff I WILL remember later on. I feel like none of this is making sense. I talk about this stuff too much.

My Sims had sex the other day. I didn't even know this was possible. It has to happen in a very subtle way: you must make the Sims kiss passionately for a while, then have one stand next to the bed, have her call to the other, he goes over she gets in bed and "Vibrates" (yes, there's a vibrating bed you can buy. it's 4,000 but damn worth it) and you click on him and it says "Play in Bed" and that's how it goes. The thing is, you can't let the Sim fall in love with you or he will become possessive when you flirt with other Sims. It's very complicated. Actually, it's all very bizarre and I'm a freak for enjoying it...but damnit it's so fun.
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