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Ben Harper is out to get me

Feeling unusually sad but not depressed...just sad. It's not the kind of sad you try to cover up because it's scary or pathetic. You hug this sad because it reminds you of happy memories. The ones I'm thinking of are, naturally, those spent with the boy. I'm listening to the songs that remind me of him, the ones I promised myself I wouldn't to listen to. I'm looking at pictures, the cutest ones that make me miss him too much. I'm thankful he's far away in France or Spain or wherever because if I could call him now I'd be miserable. It never helps to call someone if you miss them terribly. It just reminds you that they are somewhere else, not with you. Especially because he is pretty inept with phone conversation.

I'm not unhappy here, that's not what makes me think about it. It's just tough. Luckily school will start soon and then I won't even have enough time to emote...I'll just be a sewing, writing, drawing organism with only enough extra time to occaisionally eat and sleep. Yes for school!
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