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It's late and here I am again

Okay I must say this staying up way too late thing is getting old. Just watched one of my favorite movies, Good Will Hunting.I love it when he cries, it's so pretty when cute boys cry. One more day until school starts...yes! No more of this wanndering around aimlessly! Okay I don't know what else to talk about........Oh ok, I got one. I'm glad that the weather has cooled down some. It feels more like fall now. Soon I can wear my coats and boots and scarves and feel glamourous. I feel like watching TV but I can't because we don't have one except for the one in the lounge that no one uses because it's scary and windowless and entirely uncool down there. Argh, I think I'm hungry again which is dumb because I just had some oatmeal a few hours ago and I don't feel like making anything else. Where's my chef-robot when I need it??
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