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"Hey girlie, you lost?"

This afternoon, I trekked 16 blocks uptown to the historical, beautiful Garment District. Ha, I'm lying, I took the subway because I'm lazy. Truthfully it's not beautiful at all and it was really humid out today which made all of the gnarly gutter smells rise up in the air. I did find most of the things I needed for my classes though, which was cool. I was really glad to get home, going out makes me feel so sweaty and dirty.

Last night we invited over some random hall mates over for wine and raisins and Wheat Thins and a little weed. It was so pathetic when we tried to get the cork out of the $3.99 Merlot and broke the opener and then had to drink corky wine out of coffee mugs all night.

Ohhh I ordered my groceries from freshdirect.com yesterday. How exciting to get a delivery! Plus, I'm running out of food. I've been eating a lot of pretzels and pb&j sandwiches.

That's the update for now.
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