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we have a new plant, unnamed as of yet

We got a futon today. Gabrielle thinks it is too uncomfortable but I like it. Finally something else to sit on besides our desk chairs. Another long night last night. Won't bore y'all with details but it was fun times. Just went out to dinner with Anna. Before that we just sat at Washington Square Park for like 2 hours. It's fun to watch people there. So many little kids and college students and crazy hobos all in one spot. Ummm... i don't know what else to chat about. Just haven't been going out as much during the day. Too tired from the nights before. Gotta get into a better schedule. It's just that I don't have classes before noon or three. Way too easy to just sleep in all the time. Going home on Wednesday. Will enjoy seeing Mom and bed and TV.

Ok, that's all I got for now. Have a fun Saturday night kids!
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you're coming home on wed.?? call me up, ho. greg came over thu. night and i had 6 shots of bacardi 151. puked. lovely. broke up w/ ajay. miss you like hell. call me. xoxo