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Home !

Ahh the wonders of the human body. Can one maintain life on nearly no sleep? Why, sure! I arrived at JFK at 5am....I took the damn subway home at 6am...bought Murray's Bagels at 7am....saw the girls and offered them said bagels by 7:30 and was in a half coma from about 9 til 10am. Not quite a good night's sleep but good enough. My trip back to the Dub was good. Better and worse than I had imagined I suppose. Despite some confusion on why the hell I went out there in the first place, I did see my beloved Bina which was much too enjoyable. Getting trashed and dancing to Usher is always good times. Saw my Savanna, who is home at last. We enjoyed a lunch, a drive and some Old Navy shopping...was too glad to see that ho. Was able to kiss and tousle the hair of that boy who makes me melt all over the place. All in all, an ok trip. But now I'm back where I belong with enough homework to make even Fu's eyebrows furrow.

Oy, it's already almost 1am. I wish I could just chill tomorrow instead of pinning and cutting and sewing and presenting some stupid ass presentation on yarn (which is even more exciting than you might imagine). But! We have decided that Tuesday night will be drinking night and I'm in agreement with that.

I'm going to make myself some hot chocolate, bury my tired body under my new blankie, and enjoy some selected readings from my Textile Science text book. Night kids.
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